Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 weeks without Foong..!!

Cant play Chor Da Di with meifoong for 2weeks... she's going hk for holiday..!!
i going to miss u very very much..!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Very long dint updated my blog...! everything is changes now... includes my feel to u... ( YES, i dont like him anymore... ) My frenz asked me before holiday.. N my outdated sis asked me last few days.. hey.. u still lik _ _ _ ..? n i just answer them NO.. haha...

Holidays is boring without YOU... n 2nite i can sleep earlier.. haha.... maybe because of no frenz playing chor da di with me.. cuz mun is already sleep.. den foong, i think she's went shopping 2day to buy those stuff for going hk in around 2days.. haiz.. gonna mis u very much meifoong..! n dont know y cyn dint on 2day... haha...

have to stop here now... cuz is already 2.17a.m..

I very miss u ... maybe because u say this before- (wun see u anymore so suddenly feel miss u)..